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things to know about Shin DongHee (insp.)

Happy Birthday!

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Acai bowls after biking #botoacai #rideordiecrew #seoul #cycling

850928 #happydongday. 
happy 29/30th birthday my darling prince, shin donghee  
i could write a big ass paragraph about how talented you are and how much elf love you but i’m not going to. you see, i’ve done that for the past 4 years. instead i’m going to keep it kinda short and sweet.  
shin donghee. 29 years ago on this very day you took your first breath and arrived in this world. since then you have grown into a wonderful man. you have experienced many things, some of which were good, the others, well, not so good but you continued to grow and you continued to strive for your dreams. you have made some mistakes, we all have and you have learned from them and thus developed as a person. you have shown the world that you are more than meets the eye. you have shown the world what it is to be a prodigy. 
i just want to say happy birthday. i hope you have a fantastic day and even though you are awating your impending military service i hope you get lots of sleep, lots of rest and fuck your diet and eat lots of cake because as you once said ‘diet is bullshit’. happy birthday my sweet angel ♥

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"Because Shindong is there, we exist."  


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112-117 / photos of Super Junior; VERY HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! \O/

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Hobaby VS Leader Gyu

When Kim Sunggyu decided to be smooth and proclaim Eric Nam’s “Ooh Ooh” as one of his favourite songs and then proceeds to request for a live performance by Eric and Hoya.

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140803 SBS Inkigayo Update
© Official Photo by SBS

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so that’s the truth

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that moment of “you who came from the stars” reference in high school love on

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Minwoo & Hyesung do a HEART 

Eric sees something!!

Eyes to eyes !!

Andy knows his duty to serve leadernim’s want

If they do a heart, I have to do one too!!

And use a cuteness from maknae to boost the victory!!

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The adorable ShinStack

Credit: 뚜비 / 하쿠 (thank you s1879s for the mention)

Credit: I don’t know the source of the original gif since it popped up on my t-line without proper credit.  Let me know if it’s yours and I’ll credit properly

Happy Birthday Ryeowook!

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cr. cloudsspring

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