Hajar ₪

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minwoo + body gag

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MC: Super junior sings well, But they became popular for their reactions. 

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Selfie Show Champion

Shinhwa >>> Discography

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OMG hahahaahahahahahahahahahahah 

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Of all the many things about you that I love, one that touches my heart deeply is your brotherhood and love for each other. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over money and popularity. Thank you for sacrificing a lot and for taking difficult roads just to stay together. Thank you for becoming a living example of what true friendship is, and for showing us what wonders a true friendship can do.

To the many more anniversaries to come. To the upcoming new album and comeback promotion. To every one’s individual activities in the mean time. And especially to our lovely maknae who is going through a hard time lately…
Happy 16th anniversary, dearest SHINHWA 

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"we started with 6 people, and we’ll end with 6 people
Lee Minwoo

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minwoo andy junjin hyesung so much self confidence

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RicMinWan fanboying over Hyesung at his concert

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