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Hobaby VS Leader Gyu

When Kim Sunggyu decided to be smooth and proclaim Eric Nam’s “Ooh Ooh” as one of his favourite songs and then proceeds to request for a live performance by Eric and Hoya.

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140803 SBS Inkigayo Update
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so that’s the truth

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that moment of “you who came from the stars” reference in high school love on

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Minwoo & Hyesung do a HEART 

Eric sees something!!

Eyes to eyes !!

Andy knows his duty to serve leadernim’s want

If they do a heart, I have to do one too!!

And use a cuteness from maknae to boost the victory!!

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The adorable ShinStack

Credit: 뚜비 / 하쿠 (thank you s1879s for the mention)

Credit: I don’t know the source of the original gif since it popped up on my t-line without proper credit.  Let me know if it’s yours and I’ll credit properly

Happy Birthday Ryeowook!

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cr. cloudsspring

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it’s okay donghae you’re a good 5 y.o kid!!!

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Heechul showing off the water bomb prank (from 4yrs ago) to his wife…

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reblog or like if u love Super Junior, i wanted to show my friends that they have fans so pls help me:)

the most contagious laugh, man

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I want bag like this ❤️

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